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Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that is part of a group of fat-soluble pro-hormones best known for the role they play in supporting bone health and aiding in the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the gastrointestinal tract. Noble D3 50,000 is ideal for those who have difficulty achieving and maintaining peak vitamin D levels. This often includes elderly patients with low vitamin D levels, those with challenges in absorbing and maintaining vitamin D levels, and overweight patients with an elevated body mass index that impairs vitamin D circulation


  • Maintains Bone and Dental Health Increases Calcium Absorption and Balance
    Boosts Immune Activity
  • Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance, and Supports Blood Sugar Balance Already Within Normal Levels and Weight Loss
  • Helps Increase Musculoskeletal Strength and Comfort


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Known as the sunshine vitamin, one of the key roles of vitamin D is maintaining serum calcium and phosphorous balance. Our bodies make vitamin D by converting vitamin D2 (ergocaliferol) into D3 (cholecalciferol). Vitamin D3 is the bioidentical form of vitamin D synthesized in the skin following exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D3 is also the form the body derives from dietary cholesterol. When calcium and phosphorus levels dip in the body, parathyroid hormone (PTH) is released to increase vitamin D conversion to the active form. D3 is then metabolized to calcitriol, a steroid hormone that helps regulate a variety of genes through the vitamin D receptor (VDR). While vitamin D is available in both the D2 and D3 forms as supplements, studies have found vitamin D3 is the preferable form

Recommended Use

1 capsule per week. This product is a high dose Vitamin D that is not typicaflly intended for long-term daily use. Please consult your health care professional if you are unsure of the appropriate dose.


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