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A water based acne treatment with natural botanical extracts to calm and heal blemish prone skin. Contains highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, such as Centipeda Cunninghamii, Neem, Green Tea, Hiba Arborvitae, Wasabi, Olive Fruit Prime and MSM (a stabilized form of sulfur) to fight infection. • Eliminates surface layer of dead skin cells and opens up the oil follicles. • Unclogs and refines pores thereby minimizing comedones and acne. • Minimizes acne formation by means of anti-bacterial ingredients. • Heals the acne by minimizing inflammation.

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• Apply a drop to fingertips and apply to face or affected area. • Use daily, A.M. and P.M., before moisturizing. • This can be used as a spot treatment or applied to the entire face.

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