Noble Trimfactor Drops


Noble Trimfactor Drops provides a synergistic proprietary blend of unique ingredients shown to dramatically support healthy body composition. This formula features African mango extract, maca and niacin, as well as a special amino acid blend and other select ingredients to support optimal metabolic management.

Key Benefits:

● Supports Healthy Body Composition
● May Aid in Body Fat Reduction
● Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
● Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Metabolism
● Supports Cardiovascular Health
● Supports the Immune System

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Noble Naturals Trimfactor Drops triggers your body to burn stored fat. Not only does it break fat down, it enables the body to use it as energy. The addition of African Mango Extract provides these drops with their unique ability to spur metabolism. By burning fat, you will experience improved weight loss. Because these unique drops only target fat, your muscle mass remains intact.


Shake well. Take one dropper full in 2–4 ounces of water twice daily (morning and afternoon) or as suggested by your healthcare practitioner.

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