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With a potent, targeted ingredients, this skincare formula fights the factors that contribute to dark circles. It helps to minimize the appearance of darkness, discoloration and puffiness, giving eyes a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Its focused plant ingredients help to strengthen fragile skin, making the undereye area less susceptible to pigment buildup that causes dark circles. Skin around the eyes looks brighter, restored and radiant.

Key Benefits

• Provides antioxidant protection.
• Helps to support skin elasticity.
• Has powerful anti-aging properties.
• Rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.
• Nourishes and promotes a healthy balance.

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Apply a small quantity around eye area. Tap gently until absorbed.

Powerful Plant Extracts With ingredients such as quinoa seed oil and butcher’s broom extract, this hydrating cream helps to support fragile skin against the appearance of signs of aging, including resistant dark circles.

Unrivaled Efficacy Each ingredient is used in its most effective form, and was specifically selected for its ability to affect real results within the skin

Key ingredients

  1. Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Oil (Quinoa Seed Oil)
    Quinoa seed has strengthening properties to help fight signs of aging and reduce the appearance of dark circles and other discoloration around the eyes. It supports skin elasticity, and nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamin E and vitamin B.
  2. Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract (Butcher’s Broom Extract)
    This plant extract helps to reinforce the skin against the visible effects of dark circle pigments.
  3. Carnitine gives a moisture boost to the skin.
  4. Squalane is a powerful emollient that moisturizes the skin.
  5. Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)  is known for its ability to hold up to 1,000 its weight in water. It helps to attract and lock hydration into the skin.

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